This Myrtle Beach barkeep will make you melt

September 16, 2013 

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    SIGNATURE DRINK | Love Martini (Peach Schnapps, Malibu rum and cranberry juice)

BARTENDER | Anna Lowery, 25

WHERE | The Melting Pot

QUESTION | What is your favorite melted goodness at The Melting Pot?

ANSWER | Snickers Chocolate.

What do you do outside of work at The Melting Pot?

Outside of work I go to school full time to be a Veterinary Technician.

What is your favorite animal and why?


Would you ever want a tiger as a pet?

Yes because no one would ever bother me.

Name three ways you are similar to a tiger.

I am like a tiger because I am strong, intelligent, and fierce.

As a vet, what would be your approach to treating an angry tiger?

If I was treating an angry tiger I would have to put it to sleep first. Those teeth are no joke!

Have you ever been to the Myrtle Beach Safari, where you get to play with baby tigers?

Unfortunately I've never been to the Myrtle Beach Safari but would love to go someday.

In addition to tigers, monkeys, elephants and so on, the Myrtle Beach Safari has a world record breaking 12-foot 900-pound Liger, a combination of a lion and tiger. If you could combine any two animals to make a dangerous predator, what would they be?

I would combine a tiger and a bear for a predator.

How about to make a lovable pet?

Dogs are the most lovable pets so I don't think there is any combo that could beat that.

If you were to make a cocktail called a "Liger", what would be in it?

If I made a cocktail called the Liger I would make it a combo of a margarita and a pina colada, but not quite sure how that will turn out.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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