Myrtle Beach area’s kookiest crimes

For Weekly SurgeSeptember 18, 2013 

“Cause the best things of lovin,’ with her sister and her cousin …”

We don’t think this is what Steven Tyler and Joe Perry had in mind when they composed Aerosmith’s classic tune “Walk This Way.”

On Sept. 8, Horry County police arrested Terry Antone Jenkins twice in the same day on criminal domestic violence charges. He wasn’t too happy with his girlfriend after a threesome that day between the two of them and the victim’s cousin.

Yep, ain’t love grand?

According to the police report, the victim said she, Jenkins and the cousin woke up that morning and decided to have the ménage a trois. Once the suspect’s part came to a conclusion (PUN INTENDED), the other two continued having sex with each other, leaving him out of the action.

This angered Jenkins, who reportedly dragged his girlfriend off the bed by her hair and hit her several times on the head and face.

Police were called and Jenkins was arrested on a charge of simple assault.

But wait, there’s more.

Once he got out of jail, Jenkins allegedly went back to the house – his mother and father were along for the ride this time – and assaulted his girlfriend again, according to the arrest report.

Oh yeah, Jenkins is also accused of driving off in his girlfriend’s car. She tried to stop him, but the mother threatened to assault her as well, the report stated.

A BOLO alert was issued, and the suspect was apprehended late that night.

… “only started with a little kiss, like this!”

Sounds like a conjugal visit outside the prison walls

We didn’t realize prisons let inmates do the pants-off dance-off beyond the penitentiary walls.

Florence man Kevin Eric Campbell was sentenced Aug. 19 to three additional months in jail consecutive to the sentence he is currently serving for escaping from the Federal Correctional Institution in Williamsburg on March 20 according to a press release.

His girlfriend picked him up that night near the prison camp. Then, on March 21, he came back to jail.

Um, OK? Obviously, it begs to reason these two needed some alone time that didn’t involve three hots and a cot.

Campbell was previously sentenced on July 20, 2011 to 10 years in jail for drug conspiracy and using a firearm in furtherance of that conspiracy.

Who wants to steal Sparky?

Larceny of a dog? That’s a new one.

Three Brunswick County, N.C. men were arrested last week for allegedly breaking into the Bee Tree Hunting Club in Winnabow, N.C. and stealing various hunting items.

Two of items stolen were reportedly hunting dogs.

Yes, you read that right – hunting dogs.

Thankfully, the dogs and the rest of the property was all recovered and returned to the owners, according to a press release from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

Cameron Alexander Croom, Terry Lee Ramsey and Richard Carl Barkley were all charged with larceny of a dog, injury to property, felony larceny and breaking and entering.

Forever young?

We’ll restrain ourselves from making a Viagra or Cialis joke.

Eighty-two-year-old Don Fenters and 29-year-old Alisha Phillips were both arrested Sept. 5 in Myrtle Beach and charged with prostitution.

According to an incident report, Fenters’ vehicle was seen swerving in traffic on U.S. 501 near Robert Grissom Parkway. A witness thought it was a drunk driver, but got closer to the vehicle and allegedly saw Phillips performing sexual acts on the elderly gentleman.

When police arrived, they reportedly saw Phillips wipe her mouth, while her pants were pulled down and her shirt pulled up. Fenters allegedly also had his pants open, the report stated.

Fenters told police he’d just picked the girl up and didn’t know her name.

Sounds like this was all business, and nothing personal.

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