Myrtle Beach area’s kookiest crimes

For Weekly SurgeOctober 1, 2013 

It’s All In A Name

Convenience stores have always been a hot spot for armed robbers. But what makes this one noteworthy is the name.

On Sept. 23, the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office was notified of an armed robbery at the Cooters Convenience Store on South Fraser Street in Georgetown.

Let us say that again – the Cooters Convenience Store.

The two men made off with an assortment of items and an undisclosed amount of cash, according to a press release from the GCSO.

We’re hoping the men are apprehended soon, so Cooters can have justice. Perhaps a call to the Duke Boys - or Boss Hogg - is in order?

You Can’t Fix Stupid

So, this happened.

In the early-morning hours of Sept. 15, the Brunswick County, N.C. Sheriff’s Office was notified of the theft of a commercial truck and trailer.

Stealing this tractor trailer apparently wasn’t easy. According to a press release, one of the wheels was locked and that created a long black tire mark on the highway.

During the theft, a vehicle was seen traveling behind the tractor trailer. Its hazard lights were on.

On Sept. 20, the truck was found at the South Carolina Welcome Center in Little River.

Then, on Sept. 28, the BCSO had its anti-lock-brake fans in custody. Shallotte, N.C. residents James Clifford Long and Cassandra Lawing Long were both charged with larceny of a motor vehicle.

You have to wonder if they took good care of their own cars.

Check the taillight

Atlantic Beach has witnessed its share of hijinks and shenanigans through the years. Now, it’s moved down to the Sunshine State.

Darnell Price, the husband of Councilwoman Windy Price, was arrested by a member of the Orange County, Fla, Sherriff’s Office on Sept. 12 and charged with driving under the influence.

According to the arrest report, deputies spotted a white pick-up truck traveling down the road at 2:10 a.m. without any taillights.

During the traffic stop, the deputy spoke with Darnell Price, who said his lights were working fine. The officer turned the headlight switch into the on position and then turned it back off.

They were outside the car, and the taillights were on, according to the report. The officer told Price he saw the lights were off while he was driving. Price, in what could be the comeback of the year, reportedly said he didn’t know that since he wasn’t behind him.

Eventually, Price’s red, watery eyes and an odor of alcohol led the officer to conduct a field sobriety test before placing the suspect in custody.

We’ll have to see if this has any impact on the always circus-like upcoming Atlantic Beach elections.

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