Myrtle Beach’s kookiest crimes

For Weekly SurgeOctober 15, 2013 

No fights in the champagne room

Apparently, this is one "snaggle-toothed bitch" you don't want to mess with.

Nicole Maxine Passmore was arrested Oct. 7 by Myrtle Beach police after allegedly punching a man repeatedly in The Master's Club Gentleman's Club.

And it should be noted, she's one of the dancers.

According to the police report, the victim and his friends were having a good time inside the club when Passmore and another dancer came by their table, tried to take the money that was lying on the tabletop and give the man a dance.

The victim declined the dance, but Passmore reportedly didn't take no for an answer and tried again. And, once again, the man declined.

Possibly thinking that the third time would be the charm, she tried to again take the money and started giving the man a lap dance, the report stated.

But it wasn't to be her night with this guy, and he again told her not to take the money. That's when things got frisky. But not in a good way.

Passmore called the man out for his "sweet receding hairline," to which he replied by calling her the previously mentioned "snaggle-toothed bitch," the report stated.

The punches came next, with the man reportedly being struck by Passmore five or six times in the face.

When police spoke to him, he had a welt coming up near his left eyebrow. Passmore was taken into custody.

There was no mention of how much glitter wound up on the man's face.

Technology doesn't always make for happy marriages

There might be some marriage counseling in the future for these two. Or separate data plans.

The Myrtle Beach police responded to a call on Oct. 6 near Ninth Avenue North and Withers Drive. When they got there, they found a married couple arguing inside their car, according to an incident report.

What were they fighting about, pray tell?

Apparently, they were using her cell phone for GPS directions, and the husband decided to check his wife's text messages. What did he find? Texts from an unknown guy, according to the report.

Oh yeah, there were also nude photos of his wife that were sent to this stranger.

Both told police there was no physical violence and charges weren't pressed.

But we can't help but wonder if a less-than-kind text was sent to this mystery man.


The gang at the Sunshine Cab Company probably wouldn’t have gone for this (and if you get that reference, than you too loved the show “Taxi”).

On Oct. 7, Conway police officers were sent to the corner of Gasoline Alley and Singleton Street after getting a call from a driver with the County Boy Taxi company that she’d been carjacked.

According to a press release, a man pulled a knife on her, took some money and her cab. The vehicle was later recovered in the city of Myrtle Beach, but police were still looking for the suspect.

We’ve heard of impersonating a police officer, but impersonating a cabbie is another thing. Travis Bickle would not approve.

“And what’s with all these ‘70s pop culture references?” you’re probably asking. We don’t know.

And they say corrections officers aren’t nice...

Maybe she can grab a role in the next season of “Orange Is The New Black.”

On Aug. 29, Georgetown County Correctional Officer Kelvenia Davis was arrested after an investigation determined she’d been sneaking a variety of things into the prison and giving them to the inmates, according to a press release.

What sorts of things, you ask? We’ll let the charges tell you the rest of the story: one count of furnishing prisoners with alcohol or drugs; one count of furnishing prisoners with contraband; and one count of public official misconduct.

We guess in this case, the inmates really were running the asylum.

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