Sexcetra for Oct. 31, 2013

MCTOctober 28, 2013 

Q: I don't know if I have a problem or not, but I can't seem to be satisfied by a man in bed. After having sex, to have an orgasm I have to run to the bathroom and masturbate. When my girlfriends sit around and tell their sex stories, I don't have any. Most of the men I've had sex with tell me I need a robot that keeps on going. It's hard for me to stay in a relationship, because I seem to make these men insecure. Can you help?

Mia: You talk about making men insecure, but you're the one with insecurities. Why else would you be masturbating in the bathroom? If you need a sex toy, buy one. There's no shame in that. You're a hot, lusty girl. Embrace it. Talk with your man about what you're doing in the bathroom, and see if he wants to play, too. I bet he will.

Steve: Good sex begins with good communication. You need to talk with your partner about what works for you and what doesn't. If a man isn't interested in hearing it or gets all defensive, get another man. There are plenty out there who aim to please.

Q: My daughters think it's cute to dress up in sexy French maid and cat costumes for Halloween. I've tried sitting down and talking with them about it, but they ignore me and do it anyway and head out partying. I'd ground them if I could, but they are 19 and 20. Any advice?

Mia: Just keep talking. They might not listen this year. They might not listen next year. But at least they'll know they have a parent who cares and who tried to give them good advice.

Steve: What neighborhood will they be trick-or-treating in this year?


Steve is a 50-something married man who's been around the block. Mia is a younger, recently married woman with an all-together different attitude. They may not agree, but they have plenty of answers.

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