Myrtle Beach’s kookiest crimes

For Weekly SurgeOctober 30, 2013 

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots

We’d buy this girl a…wait for it … shot!

On Oct. 26, Myrtle Beach police arrested Maria Cristina Antunez for allegedly assaulting a “shot girl” at Celebrity Square at Broadway at the Beach.

When this reported assault took place, the girl was carrying a tray with approximately 10-to-20 shots, according to the police report. And by the grace of the Baby Jesus himself, she didn’t spill one of them.

Give us just a minute while we marvel at this shot girl’s impressive balancing skills as she’s being punched repeatedly in the face.

The poor shot girl was only doing her job when she tried to sell one of her drinks to a man there in Celebrity Circle. At this point, Antunez came up and asked the girl what was going on. The victim said she was trying to sell the man, who turned out to be the suspect’s boyfriend, a shot, the report stated.

Antunez apparently was none too happy about this and said the girl would not be selling her man a shot.

“Oh, you think you’re so pretty, don’t you,” Antunez reportedly said to the girl as she was trying to do her job. Maybe to prove that she’s still got it, too, the suspect then started grabbing her breast and saying she was better looking, the report stated.

After the shot girl reportedly told Antunez that she was old, that’s when the punches started.

Broadway at the Beach security got the whole incident on video, according to the report.

Talk about hitting the right spot

The fight, gunshots and stab wounds certainly weren’t funny, but the name of the place where it all went down sure is.

Horry County police obtained warrants for a man who is accused of stabbing two men during a fight that occurred in the early-morning hours at the G Spot Club in Longs on Oct. 28.

Yes, you read that right – the G Spot Club.

Hmm … wonder if that place is hard to find?

All bad puns aside, police responded to the club after a complaint came in of shots being fired, according to a press release.

Club security told police a fight had broken out and they had a man detained. That man was able to get away after shots were fired from someone driving a Mercedes, the release stated.

Later, two men went to a nearby hospital to be treated for stab wounds.

No treats, just tricks

Since this is the Halloween edition of the Blue Light Special, this last kooky crime seems appropriate.

Myrtle Beach police were called about an attempted burglary at a home on Columbia Drive within the city limits on Oct. 22.

One of the home’s occupants said she was in the bathroom with the door open when she heard the screen door open and the front door knob jiggle, according to the incident report.

She screamed “who is it?” and then heard the screen door shut and someone run away.

Not too much time passed before the home’s occupants heard the screen door open again. When the woman looked out her window, the two people trying to get inside were wearing Halloween masks, the report stated.

One of them had his foot up and looked as though he was going to kick the door in. The residents called 911 and the two wanna-be burglars ran off.

No one was found after police checked the area.

And now every horror movie featuring a masked person is running through our brains. “ The Strangers” and “ The Purge” have immediately come to mind.

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