Getting into a Bear Fight with Myrtle Beach barkeep

November 6, 2013 

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    Paul Owens, 32

    The Waterway House Sports and Spirits

    9814 N Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach


    SIGNATURE DRINK | Bear Fight (Directions: Start by drinking an Irish Car Bomb, then a Jäger Bomb made with Red Rocket, finished off with s shot of milk)

QUESTION | What would you like to be famous for?

ANSWER | Leaving the oven on… bad habit.

Name three people in history who greatly impacted our lives. Hugh Hefner, Michael Jordan and Pamela Anderson… I’m sure they have affected everyone in some way.

Name someone famous who maybe didn’t do anything that spectacular, but you think they are awesome anyway. First name that popped in my head: Bill F**king Murray.

Do you think it’s right for media and paparazzi to keep the public informed about celeb gossip, or do you think they should stop invading famous peoples’ personal lives? Do I think it is right? No, but I think they should stop complaining because they are rich and famous… nice problem to have.

What might the paparazzi catch you doing that you’d rather hide from the public? Eating an entire bucket of KFC.

How often do you think hidden security cameras in Myrtle Beach catch people having sex in a public place? It has got to be a lot... this is Myrtle beach, you know.

Do you think you are in any of those videos? No, but that’s definitely a “plead the 5th” type of question.

Aside from picking your nose, what else might a person be doing in their car that they wouldn’t want other drivers to see? Singing and jamming out hard to their music.

If a woman you were dating only shaved one body part and left the rest of her hair thick as a forest, which body part would you want her to shave? We would have to go over proper grooming for the female human body.

How often do you have to shave? Umm…two-to-three times a week.

Would you ever shave your legs, armpits, eyebrows and hair? Armpits, yes…Legs, hair, and eyebrows...I better be getting something really good outta the deal.

What about if it meant you could snag a date with Angelina Jolie, or another actress of your choice? Scarlett Johansson.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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