Myrtle Beach barkeep says all the ladies have to do is say “hi”

December 3, 2013 

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    SIGNATURE DRINK | Players Punch (Hennessy, apple juice, cranberry juice, splash of Sprite)

BARTENDER | George Fore, 23

WHERE | Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery

QUESTION | What's the best drink to warm you up on cold winter days?

ANSWER | Nothing warms you up like Fireball.

Would you rather sleep in a warm room without any blankets or a cold room under a big comforter?

A cold room with a bunch of blankets. And someone under there with you always helps.

Do you get cold when it's cold outside?

Really cold. I hate the cold. I'm born and raised at the beach.

Do you ever escape to warmer climates in the winter?

I go to Florida whenever I get time off...but I do that all throughout the year. I've got buddies down there who like to party.

If you had to go without one of the following articles on a cold day, would you rather lose your stocking cap, socks or pants?

I don't want to lose my pants. I'd go without my stocking cap. I've got dreads. I'll use my hair to keep me warm.

How long did it take you to grow your dreads?

I started in 2008.

What would it take for you to shave your head?

$100,000 and a good barber.

Why do you think you were nominated to be a Hot Pour?

Because I'm a sexy beast.

How many tattoos do you have?


Which was your first?

An angel on my arm. It was a memorial piece to my granddad. I was real young and my buddy had a tattoo gun.

If you were stuck outside naked in the frigid cold, who would be the first person you called to help you?

Probably the hottest girl I could find in my phone contacts.

How does a girl go about getting their number in your phone?

A lot of girls act like they need something else, but I'm really not that hard. Say "Hi", I guess, and I'll do the rest.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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