Pod Picks for Dec. 6, 2013

December 4, 2013 

This week we have a guest in the Pod Picks chair, as former The Drag drummer John Powell, now of Pirate’s Cove Lounge in North Myrtle Beach, recommends three tracks from Charleston-based hard rock act Torture Town’s new EP, “Torture Town III.”

“Life Eternal,” by Torture Town

“I know your soul when I see your eyes.” This song sounds as if it could have come directly off of the “Ultramega OK” record back when Soundgarden was rocking in the ‘80s harder than anyone. Pure and raw. “Flower” meets “War Pigs.” I’m most fond of the drumming on this one. He nails it down like Jesus to the cross.

“Crashing Down,” by Torture Town

“You’re slipping, sliding, jack-jawed and jiving.” Like a slow motion acid trip of a car crash, this song does a nice job building in intensity to reach a climax at the end with a scream that would make a flock of birds take flight from a tree to seek more homeostatic environs. The force of the bridge is strong with this one, building with layered vocals. The guitar solo toward the end is the white-line flame of intensity, and is the sound of the Terminator machines rising to grind us to bits or swallow us whole.

“Welcome to Torture Town” by Torture Town

"The high road is too hard, and hell ain’t got no gate." When I first heard this song (a year ago or two ago it seems) I said it would make a good intro for an album. I stand by that observation with the addition that I can hear it being used as a kind of reprise with the first quiet chords being played briefly as an intro, and the rough and rocking “pain is pleasure” segment serving as an album fade-out.

John Powell, for Weekly Surge

John Powell, for Weekly Surge

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