Bartender at Myrtle Beach’s Nerd Bar has su-pour powers

December 10, 2013 

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    SIGNATURE DRINK | Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster...just kidding, we only do beer and sake. Dragon's Milk is the poison of choice.

BARTENDER | Steve Haines, immortal

WHERE | Nerd Bar

QUESTION | What's the nerdiest thing you do?

ANSWER | I run a comic book shop AND a comic book convention...that's pretty nerdy.

How would you define a nerd?

Well, technically nerds are more academically inclined, whereas geeks are just super passionate about what they're into.

What is your proudest nerd moment?

Having my dream of creating my own comic convention come true.

What is the hot nerd game right now?

The new Firefly board-game based on the TV series.

What makes the Nerd Bar different from other bars?

We are a theme bar that specifically caters to all things nerdy with activities like game night, movie night, nerd trivia, and geek dating game. It's really a place to come and interact with people that share the common interests of comics, gaming, cosplay, sci-fi, horror and more. Plus, we have a really great selection of craft beers and sake.

What is the greatest comic story ever written?

“The Dark Knight Returns,” Frank Miller, The Batman, The Joker, 'nuff said!

If Santa couldn't do Christmas this year, which super hero would be able to take over?

Sadly, I'd have to say Superman.

Other than flight, what super power would you want?

Hyper Intelligence.

If you were a superhero and could only choose one of the following to complete your look, would you want a cape, mask or bright skintight tights? Definitely a mask, no capes!

Who is one super hero you could do without and why?

Rocket Raccoon...’cause talking, gun-wielding, space raccoons are dumb.

If Batman leaves Gotham City in the Batmobile at 12:02 a.m. traveling at 75 mph towards Metropolis to visit Superman, who happens to be flying at 60 mph to Metropolis from Coast City, who will reach Metropolis first?

Welp, the answer of The Flash!

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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