Myrtle Beach cocktail columnist offers up Super Bowl libations

For Weekly SurgeJanuary 28, 2014 

You do not even have to like football, but, I am willing to bet, you are going to go somewhere to at least casually watch the game.

The Super Bowl is an event for everyone. It combines everything that is great about capitalism, gluttony and sport. Showcasing the most expensive airtime for advertising known to man, a picture quality that was lacking all season long, an A-list half-time karaoke show and, let us not forget, a reason for that nasty Monday hangover.

If you are going to a house party, or throwing one yourself, the last thing you need to worry about is making great drinks all afternoon for you and your guests. You need to have a little fun, too. By taking a few great cocktail recipes and making them into Super Bowl-sized batches puts you back on the couch and your guests in charge of their own Monday morning fate.

Seattle Seahawks Cocktails

Regardless of how you feel about Richard Sherman, Seattle is in this game. Antics aside, the city itself claims to be the “Queen City” as well as “the gateway to Alaska”. Combining history, tradition and modern business, the team has some power behind it for the Super bowl.

As far as drinks go, Seattle is the birthplace of venti. At least the company that made it a size of coffee. Since we are in the age of counter balancing the effects of, well, everything, here is a coffee drink that uses bourbon. The bourbon will mellow you out while the coffee gets you wired.

Starhawks Old Fashioned

15 oz.Bourbon

5 oz.Dark creme de cacao

15 oz.Purified water

10 oz.Coffee

2 1/2 oz.Simple Syrup

20 dashes Orange Bitters

Combine all ingredients and store in large container. Ladle over ice to serve. Makes10 cocktails.

If you need to be a little more obvious in your affiliation, a green colored cocktail is the perfect way to support the Seahawks. For parties you should try to keep things as simple as possible. You do not want to spend all your time squeezing, muddling or stirring for these purposes. This is a scaled down version of a melon mojito. Do not worry. There is no muddling required.


15 oz.White Rum

5 oz.Melon Liqueur

5 oz. Simple Syrup

5 wholeLimes; Juiced

Combine all ingredients and store in a large container. Ladle over ice to serve and garnish with a mint sprig (optional). Makes 10 cocktails.

Denver Broncos Cocktails

Should you be more of an orange-and-navy kind of person, there are just as many large batch recipes to follow. The municipality known as the “Mile High City,” and not because of its loosened regulations on marijuana, is bound in history as well. Most conspiracy theorists have lots of questions about Denver. Especially the airport. That is another topic altogether.

This Broncos cocktail lets us put all of the team colors into one glass. A riff on the classic breakfast cocktail, the screwdriver, this one is easy, fun and distinctive. Avid Lush Life fans, all three of you (thanks, Mom!) may notice the use of a calorie-free mixer in this recipe.

Peyton’s Bronctail

10 oz.Lemon sparkling water

15 oz.Vodka

10 oz.Simple Syrup

10 oz.Orange Juice

1 bagFrozen Blueberries

Combine all ingredients and store in a large container. Ladle over ice, making sure some blueberries make it into the glass, and serve. Makes 10 cocktails.

If you have your money or your loyalty on the Broncos and prefer something a little more uptown, perhaps a nice rum and sparkling wine drink would be in order. Just keep your pinky out while enjoying this sparkling cocktail.

Mile High

12 oz.Amber Rum (such as Appleton Estate)

5 oz.Campari

5 oz.Sweet Vermouth

1 bottlesparkling wine (750mL)

Combine the rum, Campari and vermouth and store in a large container. Ladle 2-and-a-half ounces into a glass and top with chilled sparkling wine. Never combine the sparkling wine with the mix ahead of time as it will go flat. Makes 10 drinks.

Game plan

No matter who you are pulling for on Super Bowl Sunday, drinks can be as colorful as the commercials. They do not have to be terribly difficult and can be made in advance. Although these are large batch cocktails, this does not mean that one person should drink them all. Moderation, my friends. Be safe. Do not hit each other if your team does not win and, especially, do not take the score out on your significant other. There is nothing better than having a party and enjoying yourself responsibly.


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