Myrtle Beach-area’s kookiest crimes

For Weekly SurgeMarch 5, 2014 

This Guy Hopes He Can “Stay Free” Awhile Longer

The assumption we have is this guy wanted his obstruction to “absorb” all evidence of the crime.

On Feb. 19, Myrtle Beach police responded to a burglary call at 7100 Ocean Blvd. Video surveillance footage shows a man entering the resort gift shop around 1 a.m., according to the incident report. After looking around for a few minutes, he gets a chair, stands on it and puts a maxi pad over the video camera.

After years of watching heist movies, we don’t recall ever seeing the bank robbers use this method to take out the cameras.

Anyway, over an hour later, the man is seen removing the pad from the camera, the report stated. Hotel officials reported $125 was missing from the gift shop cash register, although the theft wasn’t caught on camera.

Police put together a physical description of the man based on the footage.

If he is arrested, we hope investigators ask the question that’s on our minds; why were you carrying around a maxi pad in the first place? At least it wasn’t a douche.

Irony Is Found In A Name

Maybe she wanted to be charitable with the money she allegedly stole.

On Feb. 20, Myrtle Beach woman Charity Legette was arrested on eight charges of income tax fraud, according to a press release from the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

Between 2009 and 2012, Legette is accused of providing her accountant with fraudulent W2 forms. Within those four years’ worth of forms, she requested state tax refunds of approximately $3,227 to which she didn’t deserve, the release stated.

Legette is charged with four counts of willfully assisting in the preparation of a fraudulent return and four counts of forgery. She could face up to 55 years in prison.

Since we’re neck deep in tax season, this seems like a great opportunity to offer a public service announcement: You’ll never hear a person describe either audits or prison as a good time. File honestly.

You’re welcome.

She Can’t Afford This Care Act

We blame Obamacare.

Andrews woman Queen Edwards Nesmith was sentenced Feb. 21 in Charleston’s federal court to health care fraud. She will serve four years in prison and must pay $411,000 in restitution, according to a press release from Bill Nettles, U.S. Attorney for the district of South Carolina.

Nesmith previously ran Georgetown’s Highmarket Primary Care before selling it to another health care provider in 2007. But that didn’t stop her from billing Medicare and receiving more than $400,000 for bogus services supposedly rendered by a doctor who no longer worked at the clinic, the release stated.

It wasn’t only the doctor’s identity that Nesmith reportedly used to carry out this fraud, but also some of the patients.

And we wonder why our health care premiums keep skyrocketing...

Common Sense Goes A Long Way

No one deserves to be the victim of a crime, but sometimes we really need to use that muscle resting between our ears.

It can go a long way in keeping you from filling out a police report, like this Coastal Carolina University student had to do on Feb. 17.

According to an incident report from CCU police, a person reported a bicycle being stolen from the Bryan Information Commons building.

At the time of the theft, the bicycle was reportedly not locked.

Again, common sense. We’re speaking from college experience here.

With Friends Like

These …

Somewhere, there is a rule that states you must be friends with a person for at least a solid year or year-and-a-half before letting them borrow your car.

OK, maybe it’s not an official rule, but an unwritten one. And one this gentleman should have abided by.

Myrtle Beach police spoke with a man who said a guy he knew for only two months borrowed his car on Feb. 28 to go get something to eat, according to an incident report. The thief never returned with the vehicle.

Before the theft, the two met at a gas station before going to a café on Mr. Joe White Avenue to play pool.

Police checked the vehicle tow log and found the car had not been towed or impounded, the report stated. A BOLO was submitted for the vehicle.

This suddenly makes us want to run background checks on all our friends.

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