Myrtle Beach’s kookiest crimes

For Weekly SurgeMarch 26, 2014 

I Challenge You to A Duel

Sword fighting always looked cool in Robin Hood movies. It’s not so cool when two less-than-stellar Myrtle Beach swordsmen start swinging blades at one another.

Myrtle Beach police arrested a 26-year-old man in the early-morning hours of March 20 and charged him with attempted murder after allegedly cutting a 50-year-old man in the head and arm, according to the incident report.

Police arrived at a store in the 1400 block of South Kings Highway and found the victim with deep cuts to the head and arm and covered in blood, the report stated.

There was a blood trail and police followed it to Yaupon Drive and the scene of the crime. In the suspect’s apartment, they reportedly found a collection of knives. Video surveillance footage allegedly showed the assailant walking into the apartment carrying a very large knife.

This wanna-be Zorro should stick to playing “swords” with his cellmate in the prison bathroom.

Birthday Brouhaha

We can’t help but think of the two warring gangs in “West Side Story,” albeit without the singing and with birthday cake.

On March 22, Georgetown County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Choppee Health Complex after reports of shots fired there, according to a press release.

Deputies came into the middle of a birthday party with 75 people present. It didn’t turn out to be a jubilant affair, as two different groups started fighting and some were hit with BBs, the release stated.

Two of the kids hit with BBs weren’t hurt, while a third was taken to Grand Strand Medical Center for treatment. The status of the victim was not immediately known, the release stated.

Deputies were given a lot of conflicting stories and some of the witnesses reportedly refused to cooperate. They’ve asked for the public’s help in helping to piece together just went down.

Remember when birthday parties took place at McDonald’s and you got that great cake and no worries of violence? Yep, those were simpler times.

More Birthday Shenanigans

Man, all we got for our birthday was a $20 and some new pairs of boxers.

On March 21, a 21-year-old man was arrested by Myrtle Beach police and charged with drug possession.

Police performed a traffic stop on his vehicle and did a search of both the car and his person, according to the incident report. Officers reportedly found a prescription bottle containing several tablets that turned out to be pain pills, for which he didn’t have a prescription for.

The suspect told police he got the pills as a birthday present, the report stated.

What happened to celebrating your 21st birthday the way we used to? You know, rounds of tequila shots, projectile vomiting while your friends laugh and cursing the very day you were born in the third hour of a brutal hangover.

Yeah, Not Buying It

Like all tall tales, this one sounds a little less-than-believable.

The police apparently thought so too.

On March 22, Myrtle Beach police noticed a vehicle abruptly swerve off the road and into the grass around Highway 15.

Two women got out and it was apparent there was a problem. One told police the other had just “bashed her head in,” according to the incident report.

For someone who claimed her noggin was just bamboozled, police reportedly couldn’t find any injuries.

As the woman continued her tale, she recounted how the two were arguing in the car and the second lady started pulling at her shirt and eventually jumped in her lap, the report stated. That caused her to run off the road.

Eventually, police took her home, because she had been drinking. No charges had been pressed. A while later, they got a second call from the couple, and it was the second woman who said she was now wanting to press charges.

Except, once again, there didn’t appear to be any injuries, the report stated.

That didn’t sit well with the second lady, and officers told her she’d have to sober up and come to the police department to continue this discussion.

Can you imagine what Thanksgiving must be like with these two?

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