Myrtle Beach young entrepreneur says “YEAA” to running his own business

For Weekly Surge For Weekly SurgeMarch 26, 2014 

Hunter Goff. Courtesy photo.

Hunter Goff, pursuing a business administration degree at the University of South Carolina, has been making a weekly commute to the Grand Strand since February.

A Myrtle Beach native and a graduate of St. James High School, Goff, 21, is busy hiring other college students and doing marketing for an undertaking called Student Painters - – an organization under the umbrella of Young Entrepreneurs Across America, or YEAA. He is the Myrtle Beach area manager for the enterprise.

“Executives from [YEAA] come to universities across the country, and they recruit the best students they can find and train them to run their own small business,” he says, adding that this is done through Student Painters. “They teach us and develop us into young entrepreneurs – to stand out in the future with something awesome on our resume.” Basically, Goff and others like him are given the tools to market and manage a business and hire employees. “It’s just a really special opportunity for a college student to be able to go through.”

Goff asserts that it is also a tough opportunity. “We have to go through everything with our business and at the same time juggle classes and school – tests and exams and all of that. But we get to give back to a community, and for me it’s my local community. It is very special for me to be able to give back to the people who have given so much for me,” he says.

Student Painters is considered an internship for college purpose, but it is a paid proposition as well. “They train us and teach us the basics – we have the tools to become a 100K manager for the summer, but it’s up to us where we take our business. It’s in our hands.” As of now, Goff says he has sold $15,000-worth of business.

But is the community receptive to Student Painters?

“It’s kind of a wall you’ve got to break down for them,” he says. “I imagine people are just like, ‘so, you’re students and you want to paint my house?’ We partner with Sherwin Williams, and they train us in the month of April – so we’re not just random students coming to paint your house – we are professionally trained. Sherwin Williams commits a whole month of their business to come to train us. By the summertime, we are professionals in the painting business.”

College costs are dizzying.

“The money that we make for this is going to go straight to our tuition,” he says. “We’re not just people wanting to do a paint job. We need it to help pay for school.”

Recently, Goff met with South Carolina Secretary of State Mark Hammond. “He invited me into his office and we talked for about 30 minutes,” he says. “We took a picture with me and he wrote a recommendation letter.”

Although Goff says he doesn’t have any downtime because of school and his business, he says that if he did he’d probably go to the beach and relax a little bit. He will be here full time during the summer.

“I like NASCAR SpeedPark,” he says. “That’s the most fun place I’ve ever been to. I love the go-carts and giving the workers a hard time over there.”

At 21, the world is his oyster.

“I graduate college in a year-and-a-half. Hopefully I will get hooked up with a great company – managing a business. I kind of want to stick close to home, but who knows where the Lord will take me.”

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