Myrtle Beach’s kookiest crimes

For Weekly SurgeJuly 30, 2014 

He needed to get his hair did

One thing you can say, locals really go to extreme lengths to look nice - even if they have to hold up a Sally Beauty Supply on a Saturday morning.

An armed robber is being sought by Myrtle Beach Police after he walked into the beauty supply business on North Kings Highway and escaped with a handful of hair extensions.

Police said the hair theft happened around 11 a.m, Saturday, which would make sense, since everyone likes to look good on the weekend.

The man (estimated as 30-years-old), wearing jeans, a T-shirt and sunglasses, first pretended he wanted to buy the hair extensions.

When a clerk began ringing him up, the man showed a gun under his shirt and told her to open the register.

When the clerk was too scared to hand over any cash, the man walked behind the register and tried to open it himself.

He was unsuccessful at taking any money, so he finished his Saturday to-do list by simply taking the hair extensions and leaving the store.

The man is described as being about 6 feet tall, with a thin build.

He had a goatee and was wearing a spandex sleep cap, and was badly in need of a hair stylist.

Chop, chop

Several Georgetown County residents were apparently filling a local niche market for used car parts when they were busted by the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office for operating an illegal "chop shop."

The booming recycling business was the latest thrifty car industry to go down after investigators found a golf cart, a four wheeler and a motorcycle being reassembled in strange variations around 9:30 a.m on July 25 on Harold Drive in the Sampit Community.

More items are expected to be recovered as investigators look for more evidence that car parts and vehicles were being cut apart and put back together, and not necessarily in the same order they came in.

Diamonda Teaira Fann, 25, of Georgetown and Tremayne Raymond McKenith, 41, of Conway, were each charged with three counts of receiving stolen goods and one count of operating a motor vehicle chop shop, police said.

Investigators did not say whether the golf cart was recreated at the shop with loud, chrome tail pipes and a "Born to Ride," sticker in the back window.

From chimps to PETA chumps

In a story that shouts, "Only in Myrtle Beach," a complaint has been filed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) against Carmike Cinemas after animal exhibitor Bhagavan "Doc" Antle took his two chimpanzees to the recent Myrtle Beach premiere of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.”

PETA apparently does not like summer blockbusters about CGI apes taking over the world.

The complaint says that Antle reportedly took two chimpanzees to the premiere, when they could have stayed home, ate hummus and watched “Eat, Pray, Love” on Netflix.

Then again, that would have been more cruel.

Myrtle Beach Police said no laws were broken when the monkeys were taken to the event.

The animals, however, didn't like the movie and reportedly disrupted the show when they "snap chatted" with other primates in the area the entire time.

"Animals are not ours to use for entertainment," PETA said in a letter to the company. "Antle has a long history of violating the federal Animal Welfare Act and endangering the public. "In addition, captive primates—who are often torn away from their loving mothers shortly after birth and beaten into submission—have been known to lash out."

Attorneys for the primates said this is especially true if they are taken to another remake of "Godzilla," or any movie starring Julia Roberts with a thick, southern accent and poofy hair.

At least they have killer fashion sense and a nice ride

Detectives with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office are asking for the community's help to identify five nicely-dressed individuals who have reportedly stolen numerous items from stores in the Holden Beach, N.C. area.

One of the suspects was seen on surveillance photos wearing Reef sandals, a pink shirt and black and white pants.

Can't say too much about the color combo, but Reef flops are fly.

Also being sought is a man wearing green, black and white pants, black shirt and a black hat, police said.

Other suspects were also dressed for success in shoplifting school.

Police are looking for a man wearing blue jeans, pink sunglasses and a white shell necklace...who is not Kenny Chesney.

The other suspects include a man wearing an orange shirt and grey stretch pants and another with no clothing description.

Grey stretch pants?

Forget that compliment on having good fashion sense.

The individuals were last seen in a black Jeep Grand Cherokee unknown direction of travel, police said.

Anyone with any information should contact Detective Marc Derr at the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office at 910-253-2777.

Or, simply call the fashion police.

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